Terrible Variable Names

Every time I see an arbitrary one letter variable name, or a shortened word that could mean two things, my soul dies a little inside. Although, this problem also applies for classes (though, anyone who makes a one-letter class name is truly evil). Of course, this holds true on the other side of the spectrum as well. (see Spring’s SimpleBeanFactoryAwareAspectInstanceFactory).

But nonetheless, the focus of this post will revolve around programmers who use vague and terrible variable names.

Consider this following example :

public class dummyClass {

  public void mysteryMethod(Riders[] r){
    Plane p = new Plane();
    List<Riders> ratp = new ArrayList<Riders>();
    FlightAttendant afc = new FlightAttendant(plane);
    FlightAttendant afp = new FlightAttendant(plane);

    for(Rider a : r){



Although it isn’t clear, here are what each of the variables are :

afc is short for “attendant for candy”
afp is short for “attendant for peanuts”
p is short for “plane”
r is short for “rider”
ratp is short for “riders allergic to peanuts”.

However, the author of this code couldn’t be bothered to write out the full word because “it’s inconvenient”.
Even if you knew what those acronyms stood for, deciphering the code would still be difficult.

Now let’s rewrite that snippet in a more obvious and clean way.

public class dummyClass {

  public void mysteryMethod(Riders[] riders){
    Plane plane = new Plane();
    List<Riders> ridersAllergicToPeanuts = new ArrayList<Riders>();
    FlightAttendant attendanatForCandy = new FlightAttendant(plane);
    FlightAttendant attendantForPeanuts = new FlightAttendant(plane);

    for(Rider rider : riders){



Comprehension in this revised code is much higher, and it requires no outside knowledge. You didn’t need to know any acronyms, and you could have easily figured out the intent of the code in one read-through.

Although longer variable names means more typing, it also means higher readability. It may be annoying to do at first, but in the long run, code with high readability becomes easy to understand and debug.

While it is true that you could write code much faster if you just use single lettered variable names, or obscure variable names, your code becomes unpleasant and painful to read. So please, do your fellow programmers a favor. Stop using terrible variable names.


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