Are you a programmer?
So am I.
Have you ever struggled with a particular problem, and couldn’t find a solution?
So have I.
Do you often find yourself wishing there was more material on a certain programming subject?
I have.

Programming is difficult, and often, there is a shortage of information online, either because your problem is very specialized, or the technology is too new.

Henry Dang PRG brings you a wide variety of programming-related topics, including software development tips, computer science-related articles, and more!

For more about me, my name is Henry Dang. I’m the author of The Mostly Mathless Guide To TensorFlow Machine Learning, which you can find on Amazon. I primarily focus on software development, machine learning, vision processing, and functional programming.

If you want help with a certain topic, or feel that there should be more coverage on a particular subject, feel free to contact me at contact@henrydangprg.com. I am also open to doing commissioned blog posts, as well as guest posts. If you’re interested in those, send me an email and we can work something out.


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